We’ve been collecting our PIGGIES which we bought from a farm locally at 10 weeks old!

The idea is to harness their natural ability to clear our ground to make some woodland grazing! We’ve chosen four Tamworth Pigs – and whilst we think the task may be a bit too much for them we will see how they get on – and either way they will enjoy a good diet of blackberries and more for the next few weeks.
When it comes to restoring natural habitats and reclaiming brambles for grazing, nature often provides the best solutions. At Lower Blakemere we are hoping the most efficient solution lies in the remarkable abilities of the Tamworth... These Staffordshire red-coated pigs have gained popularity for their unparalleled skills in clearing ground for woodland grazing, making them a fantastic ally for conservationists and farmers.

The Tamworth pig, often referred to as the “ginger pig,” is one of the oldest pig breeds with a rich heritage. Originating in the Tamworth region of Staffordshire, England, these pigs were first bred in the early 19th century, and their genetics have been preserved for generations. Renowned for their hardiness, intelligence, and adaptability, Tamworth pigs have historically been used for various agricultural purposes, including grazing and foraging.

We will record how our four piggies get on but the use of Tamworth pigs for clearing ground in woodlands is a great example of our regenerative farming journey and how nature’s solutions can be harnessed to address environmental challenges. We are hoping that their in built foraging abilities, selective clearing, and role in promoting biodiversity will make them a real asset for our sustainable land management. And even better than that this is the start of the Piggy Bank https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/pages/the-wiggly-piggy-bank project that you dear customer are helping to support as part of our tip campaign which you can donate to when you order.

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