Waxworms – a Top treat for your Birdees!

Waxworms are the larvae of the waxmoth, specially treated with a completely natural process to inhibit pupation and aid storage, so please do not worry about waxworms having an effect on your beehives etc. Waxworms are fed on really good nutrients like wheatgerm and honey.  They are perfect for garden birds as their skin is soft so easily digestible and they are packed with moisture and protein.

How to store your Waxworms

Your waxworms need to be stored in a cool dark, well ventilated area – a garage or shed would be great as long as it is well ventilated. Keeping them cool will stop them from pupating. They can be stored in the tubs they come in, and you can add a little bran and honey for food and moisture if necessary.

How to feed your Waxworms to Garden Birds

Place a few waxworms in a small, shallow container on your bird table. They are packed with protein, calcium and fat as well as water which makes them a very tasty treat especially to young fledglings.


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