Looking For a Quick, Easy and Clean way to feed your Garden Birds Fats + Suets This Winter?

Look no further... you need Flutter Butter – Our Range of Birdfood from Jacobi Jayne!

When the ground is frozen birds that usually eat earthworms will change their diet to accessible seeds and berries. In these conditions, the earthworms will have moved too deep to be caught.

Keep all your birdfeeders well topped up and make sure there is a good supply of clean unfrozen water for drinking and bathing. Birds need to bathe regularly to get the maximum insulation from their feathers, as well as having a safe source of drinking water. Consider feeding more high energy foods such as fat balls during December.

However, we all know how messy fat balls and suet blocks can be… But we have another option.

Simply feed a 300g jar of Flutter Butter, a specially formulated peanut butter for garden birds, from the feeder and you will be providing them with a food high in energy – perfect for the breeding season.

Birds love peanut butter, but the normal stuff that we eat is very bad for your garden birds as it contains too much salt. Flutter Butter is naturally low in salt.

The jars simply screw into the feeder so replenishing is a quick and easy process. The feeder can either be hung using the supplied chain, or you can attach it to a wall or fence with the hinged bracket. Also comes with a detachable perch ring, letting your garden birds choose how they prefer to feed. Made from weather-proof polycarbonate.

Flutter Butter comes in a jar that simply screws into the Flutter Butter feeder and provides a rich nutritious protein boost for birds that is naturally low in salt. It comes in three delicious-sounding flavours – lucky birds!

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