Two big bags of our Bestselling Wiggly Seed Extra PLUS 50 FREE Maize Suet Balls (Worth £15)

Stock up ready for Feed the Birds Day on 29th October! 

HOW TO CLAIM: Just order this SPECIAL BUNDLE that we’ve put together for you and Bob’s your Uncle you will receive TWO BIG BAGS of Wiggly Seed Extra and the Box of Maize Balls completely free.

PLEASE note we have limited stocks and a limited time on this offer so order NOW to ensure supply. Offer ends 9am Monday 16th October or while stocks last…

You’ll probably know already that our Wiggly Seed Extra is wheat free and has been designed specifically to attract a diverse array of songbirds to your feeders. This blend is a customer favourite due to the variety of seeds – including small striped and black sunflowers, canary seed, hemp, black rape and linseed and even better it’s wheat free and perfect for filling your seed feeders as well as using on the bird table.

Even better with this offer you will receive a large box (app50) of our very best fat balls made on farm from maize, suet, wheat, black sunflower seed, millet seed and oystershell flour. They are PERFECT FOR COLD WEATHER FEEDING. Make best use of them by popping one or two out in the morning. They are great nutritionally and the suet element will help you’re your garden birds insulated against the cold. They will typically attract Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, House Sparrow, Greenfinch, Siskin, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Robins and Long Tailed Tits.

Order Now to get two bags of Seed Extra for £49 - with a FREE box of 50 Maize Suet Balls!


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