Troubleshooting your Bokashi Composting.

Bokashi composting (or fermenting) is a really safe and easy way of dealing with your kitchen waste. As long as you keep your bin airtight, add bokashi bran, and drain the liquid off from time to time there’s very little that can upset the process…
But just in case…

What to do if......
There’s blue and black mould in the bin.

The best way to deal with this is to throw the whole batch away. The problem is caused by one of three things:
You have added really mouldy food into your kit.
You haven’t added enough Bokashi Bran.
There is too much moisture in the bin so the liquid needs draining.

There’s white mould growing in my bokashi bin.

This is good news. The white mould is actually a fungi and shows that the food waste is fermenting rather than putrefying. Fermentation is precisely what you want in your bokashi bucket. So, if you see white mould on your bokashi food waste, you can be confident that all is well in your bokashi bucket.

There are maggots or insects in my Bokashi Bin.

Obviously these must have entered on your food waste in some form so the first step is to add your food waste more regularly to avoid this issue. If they are there the best option is to bury the whole lot in your soil and restart.

My Bokashi Bucket Smells.

If your kit begins to smell add a good handful more of Bokashi Bran as it is likely the waste is putrifying rather than fermenting. It does usually have quite a strong smell of fermentation when you empty your bucket so before you restart a good swill out with water is best – then once you have the lid on again all will be well.

My Bokashi Liquid smells.

This liquid is a very potent fertiliser or drain cleaner and it can have a really strong smell so the best way to avoid this is to drain it regularly and use it. Pour bokashi tea directly into toilets, sinks and drain to disinfect these areas.  To use as a fertiliser dilute 2 teaspoons of Bokashi tea with 1.5 Litres of water, apply it to the soil of your plants once a week, avoid touching the leaves as it could cause burning.

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