No more slime! Complete Rot ensures easy composting of grass clippings!

Made from 'restructured organic waste material' it provides the necessary natural enzymes and free carbon needed to balance out the excessive levels of nitrogen that prevent clippings from composting easily.

Mix one kilogramme of Complete Rot into six kilogrammes of your freshly mown grass clippings.

Complete Rot can be used on a conventional compost heap or in any of our garden composting systems, with or without worm assistance, it's your choice although the clippings should be covered over to keep out rain.

ORDER TODAY FROM JUST £12.50 for 12.55KG!

Don't just take our word for it! Here's some Customer Reviews

Complete Rot for grass works very well. As long as you use a good amount the rotting process is excellent and quite speedy. Well worth the cost!

I am on my third bag I would use nothing else it breaks down very easily great for all types of waste not just grass!

I have been using Complete Rot for Grass for three years now and it works perfectly!

Have been an avid composter for years and have always had problems with grass clippings turning to disgusting, smelly slime - not any more! I have been using Complete Rot for Grass for three years now and it works perfectly, compost is much drier.

It works ! I have a large lawn and end up with about 4 barrowloads of clippings after each mowing. It all rots down fairly quickly with no slime. My compost heap frame takes a long time to get full of really good compost. A good product.

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