Gift A-Compost: Top 5 Christmas Composting Ideas!

We've put together a list of our top 5 gifts for people who want to start composting. These gifts are sure to make composting a breeze (and maybe even a little bit fun). Let's dig in!

 1. Urbalive Worm Composter Starter Pack - £175

Everything they'll need to start worm composting - Plus save £20+ - choose the worm voucher option and they can claim the worms for free when they are ready for them!


 2. Green Johanna Hot Composter - £145

The Green Johanna is a top-performing hot bin composter that turns food waste - including cooked food, meat, fish and dairy - and garden waste into quality compost within months.


3. Bokashi Organko Essential Value Pack - £89 SAVE £43.50!

An easy-to-use bokashi composting bin made for collecting food waste all year long; Provides a convenient collection method for kitchen scraps and turns them into rich, organic material great for your lawn and garden. Kit comes with 2 bins and bokashi bran!


 4. Wiggly Wormery Rescue Kit - £39

If they are looking to restart and rescue your wormery, then this kit will give you a great start. 500g worms will give your composter a healthy population to start with - choose the worm voucher option and they can claim the worms for free when they are ready for them!


5. Organko Daily Kitchen Caddy - £25.50

Your perfect bin for responsible and sustainable organic waste management. 4-1 solutions for those who want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Or why not order a Wiggly Gift Voucher (delivered by email)


Special Festive Freebie! A bag of Wiggly Fir Cones (Worth £5) when you order any other product! 

To claim: Simply add our bag of Fir Cones to your basket ( with any other wiggly product and your fir cones will automatically be discounted at the checkout! Offer ends 20th December at 4pm. This offer can only be used once per customer and once per order.

The last guaranteed shipping date to have your wiggly order delivered for Christmas Day is the 20th December.

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