The Wiggly Guide to Mothering Sunday Gifts.

Yes, I know worms may not be for every MUM but here at Wigglys we do have some unusual and practical gifts that I think all Mums with an eco conscience or a love of wildlife and gardening may well LOVE!

Be sure to have your order in before 1pm on 16th March for delivery before Mother's Day (Choose Next-Day Delivery)

Here’s our Wiggly Mothers Day top three ideas to start you thinking:

1: You can start feeding hedgehogs as soon as they emerge from hibernation in the Spring so Mothering Sunday is a perfect time to start. A lack of natural food is believed to be one of the causes of their decline (as well as their main predator Brock the Badger of course) so feeding can really help them and is really important in late summer and autumn as they are building up their fat reserves for winter hibernation.

A perfect give would be our Hedgehog Barn and some specialist food.

2: I have the less expensive Bokashi Kit but I also know how important good design is in many peoples homes – and this is the Bokashi Kit I would choose out of choice. It works really well and will deal all the kitchen waste from most households, but also it looks fantastic. A perfect gift is something you know the person would enjoy but would be unlikely to buy themselves… and in my view this Bokashi Kit fits the bill

3: Feeding your garden birds is a lovely way to enjoy your garden even when the weather is as it is at the moment… wet! You know you are helping to support your garden visitors and at the same time they do provide a huge amount of entertainment with their socialising, squabbles, baths and habits. Once you get into it you will be watching for all the usual suspects – robins, wrens, tits, sparrows, finches and more… Next year you will need to get your Mum set up with her nest boxes but for now – a Birdfeeding kit may be a great option.

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