The food and garden waste problem…

Our food and garden waste doesn’t just disappear into thin air when we throw them in the bin. What actually happens is the waste gets transported and often mixed with other waste and this ends up in landfill or incinerated. Even if there is separation and recycling of waste how barmy is it to throw away this resource and then have to go to the garden centre to buy compost.

It makes much more sense to compost. It’s an economical benefit (especially when we are in the cost of living and energy crisis), it’s easy to do and it will have HUGE benefits to your soil and garden.

After all, organic waste does break down naturally. Plants absorb nutrients, grow, die and decay ... and there by create new nutrients and organic matter to feed your soil.   

As a farmer I often hear criticism of the fertilisers used to produce food commercially and as a farm committed to a regenerative agriculture way of farming we are actively increasing our composting and reducing chemically produced fertilisers but imagine what you can do… there are 23 million gardens in the UK. There’s certainly no need or justification for artificial fertilisers in these.

The Green Johanna can help eliminate the need for buying fertiliser and compost and reduce the mountain of organic waste we produce. We love the fact there is a base plate which allows in air and worms and importantly keeps out vermin.

Easy to use

Step One

Ensure you have a flat place for your Johanna where it can sit on earth or grass. It’s best in a shady area if possible and convenient to the house.

Step Two

Cover the base plate with twigs or similar and then add your waste.

Step Three

Add a variety of waste – a layer of garden waste or soil to two parts of kitchen scraps. Don’t let any one layer get too thick – cut the material as finely as possible and mix it well, as this helps to speed the composting process. Best practice is to cover each addition of household waste with a layer of garden waste – chopped
hedge trimmings, fallen leaves and so on.

You can mix it or let the worms and micro-organisms get on with the job of composting and there is easy access for the finished material at the base of your Green Johanna.

Order one and get composting this Autumn with Wiggly Wigglers 

PS If you are using Bokashi to ferment your kitchen waste a Green Johanna is the perfect composter to add this material to.

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