Feeding Your Garden Birds in September

Most of our summer visitors such as swallows and warblers have left to begin their migration south. They may well be enjoying Andalusia by the time you are reading this. Our resident birds will not be interested in fighting over territories but pre-occupied with finding warm roosts as the nights become colder.

Traditional as gardeners this is the time of year where we start to clear up but if you want to encourage wildlife and birds it's time to take a more laid back and natural approach.

Leaving seedheads, especially on plants such as teasels, thistles and sunflowers, and allowing vegetation to die back naturally, provides food and shelter for birds through the coldest months.

In order to see as much as possible through autumn you need to make sure wildlife has a reason to want to visit your garden in the first place. Your regular feathered visitors will be on the look out for high-energy foods and suet treats to build themselves up for the challenges that autumn holds in store for them, and those that are migrating need enough energy to fly across the Channel so time to ensure you have plenty of fats and suets on offer ready.


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