Our Tamworth Pigs!

Tamworth pigs, known for their distinct reddish-brown coat and upright ears, are a remarkable breed with a variety of unique behaviours that make them stand out among other pig breeds. Their most salient feature is their exceptional hardiness and adaptability to adverse climates, which is particularly handy in Herefordshire in August to be honest!

One of the key reasons for the Tamworth’s success in such environments is its ability to withstand not only extreme cold but also high winds. The Tamworth’s rugged nature and durability make it an ideal choice for farmers seeking a pig breed that can handle the challenges of less hospitable climates. In addition to their hardiness, Tamworth pigs have demonstrated an impressive aptitude for woodland grazing. They can efficiently forage on bracken, a characteristic that sets them apart from many other pig breeds. Their ability to graze compatibly with cattle is advantageous for farmers, as Tamworths can consume forage that cattle may leave behind in open pastures, creating a harmonious relationship between the two types of livestock.

Tamworths are skilled at excavation while rooting for food in both forests and pastures. This behaviour is not only natural for them but also beneficial for the ecosystem. Rooting helps to aerate the soil, allowing for better water penetration and nutrient cycling, which can enhance the health of the land they inhabit. As a breed used in forage-based farming systems, Tamworth pigs play a valuable role in sustainable agriculture. Their ability to graze on natural vegetation and forage aligns with environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices. We hope they will fit in with our regenerative farm principals very well indeed…

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