New! Wiggly’s LIVE Bokashi Bran for Hens

Your Key to Happier, Healthier Hens and Better Eggs!
Whether you’re a seasoned hen keeper or just starting out, the joy of collecting fresh eggs from your own chicken coop never wains in my experience. However, keeping your cluckers healthy and happy enough to produce those eggs regularly requires more than just basic care. This is where Wiggly’s LIVE Bokashi Bran can really help. Packed with beneficial microbes it’s a great way to nurture your garden hens, especially during times when they need to be kept indoors, such as during a bird flu outbreak. This innovative product is not just for keeping your coop clean; it’s also a game-changer for your hens’ diet.

Live Bokashi Bran for Hens

Enhancing Hen Feed with LIVE Bokashi Bran
Adding LIVE Bokashi Bran directly to your hens’ feed has multiple benefits. The rich microbial content in the bran promotes anaerobic fermentation of organic materials in the gut. This not only aids in digestion but also reduces the pH, creating an unfriendly environment for disease-causing organisms. This internal action enhances gut health, boosts immune response, and improves overall hen vitality, leading to better egg production.

… and in the Coop
Sprinkle LIVE Bokashi Bran inside your hen house to harness beneficial microorganisms that significantly improve the coop environment. These microbes efficiently break down chicken waste, diminish odours, and suppress harmful bacteria, keeping your coop cleaner and your hens healthier—especially important during confinement periods like bird flu outbreaks.

The Science…
The efficacy of LIVE Bokashi Bran stems from its diverse microbial content. These microorganisms enable the anaerobic fermentation of organic material both in the hen house and within the hens themselves. The process reduces harmful pathogens and lowers the pH in their gut, which helps to keep disease at bay. This creates a dual protective barrier—both internally and within their living environment.

Using LIVE Bokashi Bran helps maintain a sanitary environment and reduces the risk of disease spread, particularly essential during times when avian influenza is a concern and hens need to be housed indoors.

From Waste to Fertiliser – Making REALLY good use of Chicken Manure
Another fantastic benefit of using LIVE Bokashi Bran is its ability to turn chicken manure into high-quality compost. This not only reduces waste but also results in a nutrient-rich fertiliser, perfect for boosting your garden’s health just as much as your hens’. Add to your compost heap for maximum benefit.

Layers Pellets with Bokashi

Reducing Stress
A stress-free hen is a productive hen. Keeping the coop clean and odour-free with Bokashi Bran reduces stress levels significantly. Furthermore, the improved digestive health from ingesting the bran leads to better nutrient absorption and more robust egg production.

Stay Informed
Use resources like DEFRA and local hen-keeping communities to stay informed about best practices and updates on poultry health. Keeping up with the latest advice ensures that you can quickly adapt to any new regulations or health concerns that may affect your hens.

Try out LIVE Bokashi Bran for Hens and experience the benefits yourself. It’s a step towards sustainable, effective hen care that supports not only the health of your hens but also contributes to a thriving garden ecosystem. Happy hen-keeping!

I’ve been aware of this but for some reason not tried it before. I’ve some in the girls feed and also just sprinkled inside the coop. I can’t believe how little the hen house smells now, It’s made the difference and I love it” SE

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