New In: Lower Blakemere Farm Grass Seed!

  • Homegrown quality grass seed direct from our farm.
  • Drought and frost resistant – perfect for your lawn.
  • A hardwearing premium turf variety.
  • Easy to plant and look after.

Lower Blakemere Farm is a specialist grass seed grower and our seed is harvested, cleaned and bagged here on the farm. At the same time as you know you will be buying the very best quality home grown seed you will also know that before it gets to you it has provided a fabulous environment for all sorts of birds and wildlife and that the by product from the harvest – the grass seed straw will be used on our own farm to feed and bed down our cattle. Less food miles, less grass seed miles and miles better for wildlife, farmlife, you and us.

This is a diploid perennial ryegrass with a fine leaf grown and cleaned and packed here in Blakemere – and it’s perfect for your lawn. It’s a late persistent variety meaning it is drought and frost resistant and can deal with sun and shade. Agreement is a hardwearing, premium turf variety.

On top of the fact that you will have the very best lawn seed sent direct from our farm you may also like to know that because this is a 2 year crop that it has provided some serious carbon sequestration fitting perfectly into our regenerative farming journey and has provided food and habitat for all sorts of birds insects and wildlife. On our farm in particular it is brilliant for our skylark population and our hares.

Species: Lolium Perenne
Variety: Agreement
Lot Number:21/CH/2424/0525
Packers Number: 7226

How much grass seed do I need?
To make a lawn from seed, you need to sow 25-30g of grass seed per square metre. If you are over-seeding to renovate an existing lawn or sports field, 15-25g/m2 is plenty. If you know the area of the lawn-to-be, you will be able to calculate your seed requirements.

Sowing grass seed in the UK is best between March and September.

Order Lower Blakemere Grass Seed here - from only £5 for 500g (enough for 16 sqm)

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