Are raised beds the answer?


Raised beds should be no more than 1m wide so that you can reach the middle from each side so as to avoid walking on the beds and damaging the soil structure.

You should aim for a depth of at least 6 inches for your raised beds.

Raised vegetable beds are good for anything with a long root and you can improve drainage by adding sand, which is perfect for growing the best carrots. Asparagus is also particularly appreciative of free draining soil.

The addition of loads of well rotted manure is perfect for growing forkfuls of beautiful spuds.

If you have several raised beds it makes crop rotation a doddle.

Last, but certainly not least, it helps with creaky knee syndrome and is a place to rest with a cup of tea to admire the fruits of your labour. The only trouble is getting up again!

We also recommend adding worms to your raised bed - we have this handy pack perfect for each raised bed

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