New Additions to our Bokashi Composting Range! PREORDER NOW!

We've just added a brand new bokashi bin and these award winning caddys to our range of composting solutions. Preorder them now for delivery in the first week of July - Plus get a fab freebie when you preorder our value pack!

Introducing Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean!

Why is Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean so special?

It's the first kitchen composter made from fishing nets!

At least 30% of the product is made from recycled fishing nets!

The Bokashi Organko 2 is the star of next generation products for the responsible management of the environment. It surprises with its superior form. It impresses with its usefulness. Instead of hiding it in the corners of your home, you will want to place it in the centre of attention on the kitchen counter.

Used with Bokashi bran, our Organko 2.0 Bokashi kits ferments and pickles your food waste in less than half the time of conventional composting methods without odours. Effective organisms in the bran stop the rot of waste and create a very rich fermentation liquid!

The Organko 2 bokashi bucket has an inner container with holes at the base, this allows liquid to flow down and catches the solid waste. The inner container can be easily removed by pressing the two black notches on the sides of the outer layer. This is to prevent the solid waste from clogging up the tap - and also allows you to clean the bucket more easily. To empty waste, the whole bucket would need to be lifted - there is a rubber seal around the base of the inner container to stop liquid and residue from being trapped between the inner and outer layers.

Order a Single Bin for £95 or our Value Pack for £174


SAVE £41 with this bundle and 5kg Bokashi - Usually £215 When you Buy 2 Bins + 2kg Bokashi!

A complete Bokashi Composting setup - pop your new caddy in a prominent place in your kitchen, then fill it up and empty it into your new Organko 2 ocean bins!


Introducing Bokashi Organko Daily!

Available in Black or Grey - these are the perfect bin for responsible and sustainable organic waste management. 

Easy cleaning - all parts dishwasher safe

Forget all the dirt when cleaning the bin in which you collect organic waste. Due to its smooth inner surface and rounded edges, you can clean the product with a paper towel and some water, but there is nothing wrong with washing it in the dishwasher for more thorough results.

Made from post-consumer recycled plastics

Organko Daily is not just a bin. It is made from post-consumer plastic. In other words, it is recycled plastic, made of discarded products, which are collected in dedicated containers for packaging or plastic. Organko Daily is thus a reflection of our and your respect for Planet Earth for a better and healthier future. Use Organko Daily and take care of two things – less discarded plastics and consistent recycling of organic waste, which has been a growing global problem in recent years.

Simple one-hand emptying

Organko Daily with its option of emptying the bin with just one hand welcomes you to a new era of organic waste management. The entire process won't take any longer than the time it will take you to read the following sentence: You grab, open, turn, empty, close.

Order now for £25.50! (and don't forget you get one of these FREE when you order our Organko 2 Ocean Value Pack!)

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