30 years of composting experience!

Frustrated with the amount of kitchen waste we were throwing away ourselves we designed and made our first wormery and home composting kit in 1990. We realised how mad it was to send kitchen waste to landfill or even centrally compost when there was the potential of recycling it into a valuable resource - right there in our own home.

Thirty years ago most people didn’t fully understand the damage that organic waste and its leachate caused in landfills and waterways, or the long-term problems that peat use caused. It was tough for our new farm business to get established – especially being called Wiggly Wigglers and selling worms (!) - but we pushed on, convinced that this was a cause well worth pursuing.

I’m Heather Gorringe and I set up Wiggly Wigglers to provide the best range of home composting kits to make it easy and hassle-free for everyone to be able to compost their own kitchen waste at home, regardless of their gardening experience.

Over time, our composters gained recognition and we won awards, including The Dell Global Small Business Award, The Farmers Weekly Diversification Award, and The FSB National Small Business Award.

More importantly, since we set out we’ve helped tens of thousands of people to convert their waste into “black gold” and removed tonnes and tonnes of food and garden waste from UK landfill sites.

For sure there’s never been a better time than now to compost your own waste and make your own compost and liquid feed at home – hassle-free.

Right Now we’ve got £22 off our exclusive and complete Urbalive Wormery with Wiggly Wigglers Starter Kit. It’s £169 instead of £191 with FREE DELIVERY.

  • Reduces organic waste and diverts it from landfill
  • Produces high-quality compost that is nutrient-rich and beneficial for plants
  • Improves soil quality and helps plants grow
  • Saves money on buying fertilisers and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers
  • Easy to use and requires minimal maintenance, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Odourless and compact design makes it suitable for indoor use without unpleasant smells
  • Great for apartment dwellers, urban gardeners, and anyone with limited outdoor space
  • Helps promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprint
  • Provides a fun and educational activity for kids and adults to learn about composting and the environment


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