Introducing Lumbricus Terrestris (The Common Earthworm)

Garden worms or lumbricus terrestris. They're fantastic for burrowing in your soil - they aerate it, but at the same time, each time they poop, which is on the surface, they excrete soil that is so much richer in nitrogen, phosphorus, all fantastic properties. And they make a worm cast - which is really positive for your garden. These worms live it when you mow your lawn, because they'll come up at night, they'll hook their tail into the soil and they'll go round and chomp your lawn clippings, also they'll find another mate at that point. They're hermaphrodites, So they both produce cocoons and baby worms.

But it does take two to tango. And while we're on the subject, how do they do it? Well, they've got a saddleback, which is on their 13th segment, And another worm hooks up with this worm, puts his nose in the other one's Saddleback, and they exchange bodily fluids. They form an egg. And then the egg runs its way down the front of the worm and falls off the end of his nose. That's an easier way of having babies.

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