How to Keep your Subpod Healthy

Does Subpod attract pests and rodents?

  • No it shouldn’t. Subpod’s built-in ventilation panels have small holes that keep out bugs, pests and rodents, whilst allowing air to flow in. Just make sure the ‘worm holes’ in the sides of the Subpod are covered with soil so nothing can sneak in.
  • Some pests are attracted to the smell of rotting food. By keeping a healthy Subpod, your food won't rot, it will instead be composted by your worms and microbes.
  • Keep your food scraps in a sealed container/caddy to make sure bugs don’t lay eggs in your waste before you transfer it to the Subpod. 

How do I keep ants out of the Subpod?

  • Ants are attracted to dry conditions, so this is usually an indicator that your Subpod is too dry.
  • Try wetting your worm blankets or slightly wetting your compost down.
  • Aim for compost moisture levels similar to a sponge - only a few drops should come out when squeezed 

Fruit flies

  • Fruit flies can enter Subpod when you are adding your food waste. They can also get into the system before your food scraps are added to Subpod if there’s a loose lid.
  • The more thoroughly you stir your food waste into the bedding, the less likely you will have a problem with fruit flies and other insects. If you add more moist bedding (carbon), it’s easier to bury the food waste thoroughly. Make sure that the larger holes on the sides of your Subpod are below the soil line in your garden bed.
  • Any fruit fly larvae that finds its way into the Subpod will slowly diminish over time if the above techniques are used.

To prevent flies from breeding in your Subpod:

  • Check your kitchen caddy to make sure the lid closes well and keep it closed when not filling it- flies lay eggs quickly!
  • Check the soil around the sides of your Subpod hasn’t dropped to expose the worm holes where the flies can get in.
  • To amend the fly and larvae/worm balance mix in enough dry carbon to bring the moisture levels down to just moist and and stop feeding the Subpod system for a week. Your worms will survive on the carbon and the flies will starve out or fly awayStir every couple of days to speed the food breakdown.

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