Green Cone FAQ's

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Food Waste I Can Put In The Green Cone?

You can dispose of up to one kilogram of waste per day in a well-positioned and fully working Green Cone. As long as the unit has a healthy population of bacteria, a consistent ambient temperature and a balanced ‘diet’, it can dispose of the food waste created by the average family of four per day.

As Well As Food Waste, Can I Put Garden Waste In The Unit Too?

No, grass cuttings and garden waste will stop the Cone from working properly. For garden waste,  you should consider the Green Johanna hot composter.

Can I Put My Pet’s Excrement In The Green Cone?

Yes, in moderation, if you are not using the residue on a vegetable patch and the Green Cone is not sited close to water sources. Pet excrement must be added to the Cone directly, never in a bag. Bags of any sort, even compostable or biodegradable, will prevent the Cone from working properly. Avoid adding cat litter as this may contain antibacterial agents and its quantity could quickly overwhelm the Cone.

Do I Need To Mix Or Stir The Contents?

No. The Green Cone is designed to break down waste naturally without assistance.

Will My Green Cone Work Every Day Of The Year?

Yes, although it may slow down a little on darker, colder days. But a little accelerator powder will keep it working as usual no matter what the weather.

Does The Cone Need Any Chemical Activators?

No. Any artificial additives will affect the way the Cone’s natural bacteria works to break down the food waste.

Will My Green Cone Ever Need To Be Emptied?

With a well-maintained Cone you may need to empty and clean it once every few years. Very little waste residue will be produced. Should the residue build up to approaching ground level and show no signs of reducing, the Cone can be removed to access the basket and the residue can be dug into any suitable area of ground.


Will The Green Cone Attract Flies And Vermin?

The Green Cone is a sealed unit and when properly installed, with the top of the black basket and bottom lip of the green outer cone below ground level and the lid shut securely, emits no smell; any smells are filtered out by the surrounding soil. This means there is no obvious attraction for flies and vermin. However, the eggs of fruit flies are already in the skins of many fruits and might hatch out in the Cone. Should this happen, a small squirt of organic fly spray will resolve the issue. It is important that the caddy is always kept well covered in the kitchen to prevent house flies laying eggs in the food waste, which would then be transferred to the Cone, putting flies into the system. Again, a squirt of organic fly spray will clear up the issue without hindering the eco-system in the unit.

Obviously, it is important not to spill food near the Green Cone.

Can My Green Cone Stop Working?

Advice given in the handbook should be followed for the Green Cone to continue working properly:

Position the Cone in as sunny an area as possible, not a dark, shady area as it is solar powered.

The surrounding soil must be well drained and not heavy clay or chalk.

The black underground basket must not be below the water table or in an area where water gathers.

Accelerator powder should be added to the Cone so that there is enough natural bacteria to keep digesting the waste. This is particularly important in cold weather. If the level of waste in the basket is not decreasing, add accelerator powder, as directed in the handbook.

If the instructions are not followed, the digestion process could turn anaerobic (without oxygen) and the food waste may appear wet and slimy. The solution in this case is to reinstall the Cone in accordance with the instructions.

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