How to get started with Bokashi Composting

Using a Bokashi Composter is really easy, it will soon become second nature, but for your first few composting cycles you can follow the step by step guide below:

  1. Start composting by adding waste into the bottom of the bin. Make sure that it covers the base evenly. You always want to add waste in layers.
  2. Sprinkle a layer of Bokashi Active Bran over the whole surface of the waste. PRESS DOWN TO COMPACT THE WASTE.The aim is to exclude as much air as possible. You want to get lots of waste into each bin: to this end you should chop up chunky waste (cabbage stalks for instance) into smaller pieces.
  3. REPLACE THE LID TIGHTLY - Seal the lid down each time you add waste and Bokashi. The lid can make an airtight seal, so push gently down on the centre of the lid then clip round the whole rim. As with compacting the waste the aim is to keep air out as much as possible so that the beneficial micro-organisms can work efficiently.
  4. Keep adding waste in layers. Every time a layer gets to be 30–40mm thick cover the surface of the waste with a sprinkling of Bokashi Active Bran; one or two handfuls is a good amount to use. if in doubt add more Bokashi not less.
  5. Drain the Bokashi Juice regularly. You should use Bokashi Juice as soon as you collect it as it does not store well. Dilute with 30 parts water and use it as a wonderful feed for your plants, or simply pour it down the drain! Bokashi Juice is full of beneficial beneficial microorganisms and will help keep drains and septic tanks clean and free from harmful bacteria.
  6. Keep adding waste and Bokashi until the housing is full to overflowing. Then add one last sprinkling of Active Bran and replace the lid for the last time. LEAVE IT UNDISTURBED FOR TWO WEEKS. Set this bin aside to let the beneficial micro-organisms get to work. You will need to leave it sealed and undisturbed for 2 weeks. However you should keep draining off any excess Bokashi Juice. Start composting your second batch in your other bin. After two weeks the waste pickling in the first bin will be ready and that bin ready to start on your third batch.


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