Food Waste & Feeding Subpod

What can be composted in Subpod?

You can compost a lot more in Subpod than in other worm farm systems. You can compost food scraps, including citrus, onions, and after four months of active use, even small quantities of meat, fish, dairy, and spicy foods.

Carbon items such as paper and cardboard, lawn and garden clippings, and a whole lot more can be composted in Subpod. You CANNOT compost non-organics such as plastic, tin cans, cigarettes, and such.

Does my food waste need to be broken up into small pieces before adding to the Subpod?

  • You don’t need to chop everything up small for the worms, but it does speed up the process so your food will break down even faster. 
  • Composting will still take place in the warm, moist environment if you put in larger chunks. The worms will just wait until the microbes have softened up the more resistant pieces.  
  • Remember to use the aerator when you add food so larger chunks are sent below the surface to break down, rather than drying out.


Can I compost commercially compostable food packaging?

  • We’ve been experimenting with different compostable packaging and at the moment we are finding they are taking a while to break down, probably due to the Subpod composting system being more of a cold composting/worm system rather than a hot composting system.
  • While looking up the specifications of home composting and how long it takes, 12 weeks to break down is acceptable for home composting bioplastic. We're just used to things breaking down super quick in Subpod!  
  • Time-frames will vary, and depend on the strength of your Subpod, so you’ll need lots of worms and microbes to break everything down quickly and efficiently. Torn bags will allow oxygen, microbes and worms to get to work more efficiently.

For any brand of compostable product, look for the icon that shows “Home Compostable” which will not require an industrial process (usually high heat) to compost.  An important thing to note is that if it’s not certified, it probably hasn’t been tested and may not break down in your Subpod.

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