Feeding your worms in your Worm Composting Kit

Whichever wormery you have; an Urbalive or a Can-O-Worms the best way to increase the amount of compost and liquid feed you make is to feed your worms regularly.

Worms should be fed every few days, which makes them great at dealing with your kitchen waste which is also produced very regularly. You can feed them any vegetable scraps including fruit and vegetables, crushed egg shells, bread, tea bags and coffee grounds but be careful not to feed them too much citrus fruits so as to maintain the right pH balance in the bin. If you do add lots of acidic waste add extra lime mix to help balance it out.

Your Wigglers can deal with most foods including meat and dairy but go very steady on these and if you do add these elements best to bury in the bedding as if anything is going to attract flies it will be meat and dairy.

Cutting up the food scraps will speed up the composting process. Although the worms will eat food scraps of any size, chopping them by hand or in a food processor allows the worms to digest them more quickly. You can add the waste on top of the previous layer (under your moisture mate or bury the kitchen scraps in a different area of the bedding each time at least an inch or two below the surface of the bedding.

Extra lime mix, worm treat and moisture mats are available to help ensure your composting is as efficient as possible. 


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