Feeding Your Garden Birds This March

We usually think of March heralding Spring and certainly, in your garden your birds will have been preparing for breeding for some time by now. They will have been chirping away and building nests enthusiastically.

Traditionally, with the worst of the winter weather over people stopped feeding and your garden birds had to fend for themselves. Thankfully research has proved that it is best to continue to support your garden birds throughout the year. Common birds are still showing a decline in numbers which is probably a result of human activity. Whilst farmers are planting more and more hedges, of course, we continue to build houses and develop land which depletes the natural habitat for wild birds.

Feeding in Spring can be a real benefit for your birds and especially a good time to try Live Mealworms which can offer a replacement to insects when they are only available in limited numbers. 

Wiggly Tip

Look out for birds building nests. They love to use the softest nesting material so if you are grooming the cat or dog be sure to pop the hair out for your birds.

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