Live Food Deliveries + Storage

Live foods will be delivered by Royal Mail (1st class). If you have ordered other items, these will be delivered separately by our courier on our standard next day delivery service.

If your Live Food is delivered in paper bags, please transfer them to a plastic tray or tub and add some of our mealworm food, make sure they are kept cool and well ventilated.

Mealworms delivered in 500g paper sacks: on arrival transfer your loose worms into a shallow, smooth sided tray or tub and add mealworm food. If the container has a lid it should be well ventilated to prevent your worms becoming damp and dying in a short time.

Be sure to keep them dry and well ventilated. Make sure they are kept cool, ideally at 10 Degrees C - if they are stored for long times at below -2 Degrees C it could kill your worms.

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