Do you know that you can turn kitchen scraps into nutritious compost soil in your urban home?

Yes! It is absolutely possible, and it really is very rewarding. You can even compost inside with Bokashi which means whether you are in a 3rd floor apartment or an office in the city as long as you have plants or soil that will benefit from the fermented end product you can most certainly start composting.

I realise composting may not be for everyone, but when you weigh up the way the World is headed it seems a very simple way to take responsibility for your own organic waste, reduce it and recycle it with no hassle. You can make the finished product in two weeks after you have filled the bin and so whilst one bin is fermenting for two weeks you can fill the other. It really is that simple.

The key is the Bokashi Bran which activates the fermentation and ensures that your waste doesn’t just rot or putrify. We make it here on the farm with Bran, Mollasses and Effective Micro-organisms. If that sounds a bit of a mouthful the easy way to think of it is rather like a yogurt culture.

Once the finished product is ready you can dig it into soil, or into a conventional compost heap and it will add nutrients and beneficial bacteria to your soil which is fantastic for your soil and the surrounding flora and fauna. On top of this you will get a liquid which is great for plants (once diluted) and also makes a natural disinfectant for your drains.

A great simple solution for those of us that have little time, but do want to do our bit for the planet.

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