Cracking Composting Worms

Worms such as Eisenia andreii (commonly known as red worms or "reds") and Eisenia hortensis (these are often called "dendras" as they were formerly known as Dendrabaena veneta) are perfect for composting kitchen waste.

Composting kitchen waste with worms is known as vermiculture.

Composting worms are litter dwellers and can be found in fallen leaves, manure piles or under rotten logs.

'Reds' and 'dendras' are perfect for composting systems because they reproduce quickly, tolerate disturbance and process large amounts of organic waste.

Composting worms are very different from garden worms (also known as earth/lob worms or, in the USA, nightcrawlers ), which are known as Lumbricus terrestris. Garden worms are deep burrowing, soil-dwelling species and do not like to be confined.

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