Composting at home? Easier than ever!

When discussing sustainability and giving back to the environment, we often feel like there is little we can do in terms of evident impact. We tend to forget that working together is vital and that we need to start in our own homes to achieve more meaningful goals. That said, one of the emerging green trends is composting at home and can easily be adapted without drastic lifestyle changes. Why don’t you join this exciting new wave?

If there is one environmental department directly affecting our lives, it must be healthy food production. We are what we eat. That saying has been true throughout history, nowadays maybe more than ever, as we have little influence and knowledge about the ingredients that end up on our plates. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Composting at home gives us the opportunity to control even the one thing we didn’t really think we can - the quality of the soil we grow our plants in. And it can be super easy!

Benefits of composting at home

If you live in a flat or even a suburban house, there is little you can do but trust the garden soil supplier at your local horticulture shop. Well, not exactly. Here at Skaza, we encourage you to take part in a composting movement and try it by yourself. This easy task will only take an extra minute or two of your day and not only provide you with the soil of excellent quality you can use to grow your tomatoes in, but also solve the problem of the always full bin and the stink that comes with it.

Composting at home comes especially handy in these days of global lockdown when we spend much of our time at home and cook more than we used to. The bin is always full, which brings unwanted smells to our flat. They do not just disturb us but can also make our pets go browsing through our garbage, creating an even bigger mess. These scenarios can only be avoided by regularly taking out the trash or - putting up a compost bin. Indoor composting can be done throughout the year, even in winter when the outdoor composting is slowed down due to low temperatures.

At Skaza, we would like to inspire you to consider taking a step towards composting at home. Think about it - you can easily avoid the smell coming out of your dumpster, the horror of a leaking bag, and constant trips downstairs. Your leftovers can now be conveniently stored in an elegant compost bin, which prevents the waste to decay due to special fermentation processes and therefore eradicates unwanted smells. Furthermore, there is no carbon dioxide or ammonia emissions harming the environment. Yes, it is a small contribution - but none the less - it is your contribution.

A short how-to on indoor composting

A functionally designed composter for biological waste like Bokashi Organko is all you need to get started. It is small enough to be stored under the kitchen countertop, in a cupboard, or in the pantry, yet big enough to serve its purpose efficiently. It comes with a package of Bokashi bran needed for the optimal fermentation process, which should be added after every layer of deposited bio-waste.  Together with the enclosed mashing utensil, these microorganisms will compress the mass so you can keep adding new layers.

The waste in Bokashi Organko is decomposing and does not decay. Therefore it retains all the vitamins and minerals. It does, however, excrete a special organic liquid that needs to be drained every few days. The undiluted Bokashi liquid can be used to clean your sink drains; or - after being diluted - as an excellent fertiliser for your plants.

Most importantly, you can use the compost mass from Bokashi Organko to significantly improve your garden soil quality. It is a great way to start a self-sufficient cycle of growing your healthy vegetables.

What do you think? Composting at home is not so difficult as you imagined, right?

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