Bokashi Composting Simplified

This kitchen waste recycling method is swift, cost-effective, and yields two valuable products. Odourless, rapid, and budget-friendly, all you need to do is add your food waste to the bucket with a sprinkle of Bokashi bran each time.

Once the bucket is full, secure the lid with the side handles, allowing the bran to work its magic and ferment the contents for 2-3 weeks. Remember to drain some liquid through the tap every 2-3 days—this liquid is excellent for dilution and watering your plants.

After completion, you can incorporate the pickled contents into your garden, compost heap, or wormery for final processing. No fuss, just two fantastic products from your kit: a fertiliser (may not look appealing but works wonders) and a liquid feed (might be smelly but highly beneficial). Plus, you’ve avoided the transportation of your waste over long distances and its addition to landfills.

For the simplest way to recycle your kitchen waste, you’ve found it! Get started right here

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