Bokashi Composting FAQ's

The main questions we get asked with Bokashi are;


Q: How much Bokashi should I add?

A: About a handful every time you add waste works really well – there’s no point in overdoing it – you will soon get the hang of what’s working.


Q: What about mould?

A: Don’t worry about mould – it’s all part of the process – just make sure you keep the kit airtight and carry on.


Q: The liquid feed and bokashi smells..

A: Keep the lid on and empty it outside – it’s natural for it to smell – just like pickling onions, or making cider or silage.. it does smell so the rule is lid on in the house and empty outside – wash well and start again!


For more help with Bokashi Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here


Or if you want more info about purchasing a bokashi bin or starting composting please pop on over to

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