Composting with Bokashi Active Bran

Composting with Bokashi Active Bran is an amazingly efficient method of turning kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner.

Bokashi acts in a different way from conventional composting: after a couple of weeks under the influence of the Bokashi Bran, your waste will have 'pickled'. It might not look composted but, if you add it to a conventional composter or dig it into your garden, it will break down amazingly quickly. Even better, you will be releasing lots of beneficial micro-organisms into your garden where they will help to promote your soil's health and fertility.

Composting with Bokashi brings one big benefit when composting indoors, for example in the kitchen: the housing is sealed up air-tight so that vermin are completely locked out.

Choose a site for your Bokashi Composter, most people use their's indoors. It is quite safe to keep the Composter in the kitchen, that's the most convenient location after all, but keep it away from radiators and direct sunlight.


Want to start Composting with Bokashi Today? Why not order our Bokashi Organico Bins: Available as a single bucket or a Value Pack (Two buckets with some bokashi bran!

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