Beyond the Wiggle SEPTEMBER 2020 :)

Down on the farm…
Well, what can I say…. 2020 is the worst harvest Lower Blakemere has ever recorded we believe… Certainly for the last 20 years for sure. I know farmers have the reputation of very occasionally moaning (!) but you seem to like our monthly farm news so you may as well have it - warts and all. Last autumn planting was imposssible - our crops went in and were washed away. We replanted some, rented some land out to grow potatoes to compensate and lived in hope with the other fields… Now at harvest the yields are dire and we have yet to get some replanted wheat in as it is still green. We are expecting the results to be down by 40% so are hoping the World prices might rise… not much else to say on this front except thanks in advance for purchasing our birdseeds and feeds and composters - we appreciate it. Here’s the birdy link
In better news we have been chosen as one of the Duchy Natural Capital farms which is all about how our environment can benefit people whether that’s about clean water, carbon capturing plants, healthy soils or social benefits such as fresh air and amazing views which can benefit health and wellbeing. We’re really excited to be a part of the Duchy Farms pilot project and I will keep you up to date as time goes by.
Meanwhile Monty and Phil are in fabrication mode - a little extra diversifying is going on as they make lovely pub tables for indoors and out at The Swan at Letton which being opened soon by our very best mates Luke and Byron. We haven’t had a pub open around here for many a year so to see The Swan come back to life is very exciting for the local villagers. Opening this November Farmer’s night is on a Wednesday, - and there will be home cooked food, a roaring fire, as well as Airbnb rooms and a small caravan and campsite. Hope to see you there… and when you go please ensure you LOUDLY admire the tables in the bar, and out on the enormous terrace :) Search on FB for The Swan Inn Letton

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