Beyond the Wiggle NOVEMBER 2020

Dear Wiggly Customer 

Depending on where you are in the UK hope you are getting to enjoy feeding the birds and enjoying your garden in lockdown (or beyond..). We have seen a considerable increase in birds here over the past week as they start to rely on winter feeding more and more. (Check out the British Suet Balls offer – it’s good…

Anyway, onwards…

Farm News
First things first – the cows are in. This is good news as it was getting wetter and wetter outside and so now the cows are in the cowshed bedded down with pea haulm and grass seed straw and enjoying breakfast and supper in the dry. By the way the cowsheds are pretty open sided so that there is plenty of airflow inside to keep them healthy and happy.
The other HUGE farm news last month was that Lower Blakemere Farm has been chosen as a pilot farm for Natural Capital projects for The Duchy… well since then Lloyds Bank have chosen us for their pilot scheme as well. This is really important for us and for the wider agricultural community as there are so many carbon calculators – 63 at present (and most make no sense) that Farmer Phil is keen to understand and to play his part in influencing the decision makers to help ensure that farming gets the correct credit due for carbon sequestration and more…

Lastly in our efforts to mitigate the horrendous weather conditions that delivered such an awful harvest on our farm and many others this year Monty has been making tables, signs and much more for The Swan at Letton which will now open in December. If you are interested in seeing what they look like please search for Bad Harvest (appropriate name..) on Instagram :)

CHRISTMAS at Wiggly Wigglers
Wigglys may not be the conventional option for Christmas Gifts but we think you will agree we offer really great gifts for gardeners and for anyone who is thinking about what they can do to contribute to a slightly greener future. 2020 has been a particularly mad year and so many of us are thinking about how to improve our homelife – whether that’s feeding the birds, reducing the waste we send to landfill, or becoming a bit more self sufficient by making our own compost and fertiliser. This is where we come in. You already know we are based on a farm in rural Herefordshire and well used to closing a few loops ourselves… whether that’s our cows providing the goodness for the soil.. (!) or our grass seed straw providing food for the cows, it all goes round. So, whether you think of our products as green gardening presents, eco-gifts, or just practical and natural we can help.

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