Beyond the Wiggle July 2021

Down on the farm.

Harvest is in full action with the new Claas Combine eating up the fields at a really good pace. Bearing in mind this piece of kit (hundreds of thousands of pounds worth…) is only used for a few weeks in the year he has to seriously earn his keep and so all improvements are much appreciated as speed and efficiency is the most important thing at this point - especially when harvesting grass seed as it’s a tough crop to deal with. For those of you not sure how it all works the whole stem is chopped off at the ground and gets fed into the combine where it is bashed (threshed) and at that point the seeds or the corn is separated from the straw. The corn/seed goes into the tank ready to be decanted into a trailer to go into the grain store and the straw comes out of the back of the combine ready to bale and be used to bed down the cows in the winter (or in the case of grass seed straw to feed the cattle in the winter). 
Behind the scenes at Wigglys 
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Running a ZERO waste kitchen.
Your bokashi system can take most kitchen waste - avoid milk/orange juice and other liquids but you can add all sorts of waste that you wouldn’t normally add - meat scraps, cheese, cooked waste and bones. Be aware of course that this is not traditional aerobic composting - this is microbial fermentation. This is similar to pickling - when you pickle your onions they have changed but they still look like onions and this is the same with Bokashi Composting. The waste you put in does not turn into lovely friable compost - it looks pretty similar to when you put it in - BUT when you add it to your soil or compost it breaks down really quickly and adds a huge amount of goodness to your soil without you having to worry about attracting pests and vermin. 
This all means that you can pretty much run a ZERO waste kitchen so well worth giving it a go. Bokashi is not a machine - it’s a method - but it’s so fast - each bucket takes 2 weeks to ferment - and usually it takes about two weeks to fill one SO the best way to work a kit is to fill one whilst fermenting the other so that you are always able to add the scraps you produce. We LOVE bokashi - it's easy to work, fast and hassle free and our Bokashi active bran is made here on the farm so always available and really good value. 
There’s a saving at the moment on a green kit at £85 instead of £110 and this includes a HUGE bag of bokashi which will keep you going for many many many months…. 
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