8 reasons to compost your garden waste this Autumn

Team Wiggly is a little bit obsessed with composting kitchen waste but you know Autumn is indeed a perfect time to start composting your garden waste. Here’s why:
  1. Lots of Raw Materials: Autumn brings an abundance of garden waste, such as fallen leaves, spent plants, and pruned branches, providing you with lots of the perfect materials to start composting.
  2. Leaf Gold: Fallen leaves, which are a key brown component in composting, are readily available in the fall. They’re rich in carbon, balancing the nitrogen-rich green materials in your compost pile.
  3. Natural Decomposition: As temperatures drop, natural decomposition of organic matter slows down. Composting your garden waste during this time helps accelerate the process and turn it into valuable compost for next year’s growing season.
  4. Moisture Levels: Autumn typically brings more consistent rainfall, which can help maintain the optimal moisture levels in your compost pile without overwatering.
  5. Prep for Spring: By composting in the autumn, you’ll have well-rotted compost ready to use in your garden come spring. It’s a perfect way to enrich your soil for planting.
  6. Mulch and Insulation: Compost can serve as an effective mulch or insulation for your garden beds during the colder months, protecting plants from frost and maintaining soil temperature.
  7. Environmental Benefits: Composting reduces the amount of garden waste sent to landfills, which contributes to methane emissions. By starting in autumn, you begin making a positive environmental impact.
  8. Learning Opportunity: Autumn composting offers a learning opportunity for beginners. You can experiment with different composting methods and observe how your compost pile evolves over the winter months.

Starting composting in the autumn not only helps you manage your garden waste effectively but also sets the stage for a more productive and sustainable garden in the seasons to come. It’s an excellent way to harness the natural cycle of organic matter decomposition while improving your gardening practices.

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