4 Reasons to LOVE our Grass Seed

  • Grass seed from our own fields directly from our farm in the heart of Herefordshire.
  • Drought and frost tolerant - great for lawns.
  • High-grade grass species with excellent durability.
  • Easy to plant and care for.

Lower Blakemere Farm is a specialist grass seed grower and our seeds are harvested, washed and packed on the farm. You know you're buying the highest quality homegrown seed, but whilst it's still in the field, it creates a wonderful environment for birds and wildlife of all kinds, and the grass seed straw that's a byproduct of the harvest. It's also used for cattle feed and bedding on our own farm. A win for all involved :)

Order Lower Blakemere Grass Seed here - from only £5 for 500g (enough for 16 sqm) https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/products/grass-seed

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