Wiggly Softbill Mix

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Wiggly Softbill Mix

Lots of birds such as robins, thrushes, blackbirds and wagtails prefer softbill food. Our Wiggly Softbill Mix is made just for them, contains rolled oats, barley, peas, maize and wheat, mixed with raisins.

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Lots of birds such as robins, thrushes, blackbirds, wagtails and other ground feeding birds prefer softbill food. Our Wiggly Softbill Mix is packed full of tasty feed and is formulated just for them. It is best fed on the ground, (or wall or open top table etc..) this food is not really suitable for hanging feeders.


Dried Mealworms; very high in protein, and will not wriggle, but the birds still love them!

Sunflower Hearts; all the goodness of sunflowers, with no shell so no effort required - what more could these birds want?

Cut Maize; An excellent source of carbohydrates, with a lower level of protein than the other feeds. The larger birds such as Poultry, Doves, Pigeons and Pheasants etc mostly eat it.

Pinhead Oats; Whole oats, cut into pieces, making them much easier for birds such as Robins and Wrens to feed on.

Rolled Wheat, Barley and Naked Oats; a good source of carbohydrate, favoured by the larger birds such as pigeons and collared doves

Raisins and Sultanas; These are very popular, especially when natural sources of fruit are scarce, such as in late Winter and Spring. N.B. Can be harmful to Dogs.

Peanut Pieces; All the goodness of peanuts, high in protein and fats, but copped into smaller pieces, to help to reduce the risk of smaller and young birds choking

Suet Pellets; High in protein and fat, extremely good for keeping condition on birds through even the harshest winter weather

and Bokashi; A bran 'innoculated' with beneficial micro-organisms, which help to maintain healthy gut flora

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful mix Review by Kim
The variety of food in this mix is loved by all the birds who visit us. As always a great quality product from Wiggly Wigglers and well worth buying.
Softbill mix Review by Madds
Tried this as a change to the peanuts & suet i usually put out, can't praise it enough the birds gobble it all up both off the ground & from a feeder. We have robins, sparrows, tits, blackbirds, thrushes , pigeons, magpies, finches, woodpecker, jays & the terrorists (starlings)
Not a speck is left on the ground they seem to love it's great variety of feed plus they still get suet & peanut with worms and all the other treats mixed with it.
Thank you wiggly great product.