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Wiggly’s LIVE Bokashi Bran as a food supplement and for your Hen House  

  • Dietary Supplement: Boosts digestion and nutrient absorption when added to feed. 
  • Odour Control: Effectively neutralises unpleasant smells in the hen house. 
  • Ammonia Reduction: Minimises harmful ammonia levels. 
  • Enhances Cleanliness: Keeps the hen house cleaner and more hygienic. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Supports sustainable waste management practices. 
  • Fertiliser Enhancement: Improves chicken manure as a high-quality fertiliser. 

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Earn up to: 70 Green Points

Wiggly’s LIVE Bokashi Bran, made right here on our farm, is not only exceptional for maintaining a healthy and fresh hen house but also serves as a beneficial dietary supplement for your chickens. Made from bran that has been inoculated with a mixture of beneficial micro-organisms, this versatile product enhances both the environment and the nutritional intake of your poultry. 

Incorporating LIVE Bokashi Bran into your chickens' feed offers further benefits. The beneficial microbes introduced through the bran promote a healthier gut environment, enhancing digestion and boosting the absorption of nutrients. This improved digestion not only helps maintain the health and vitality of your chickens but also increases the nutritional value of their manure as fertiliser. The fermented nature of the bran ensures that the nutrients are more accessible and beneficial for both the chickens and the soil, making the manure an even richer supplement for garden or farm use. 

When sprinkled onto the hen house floor, the micro-organisms in Live Bokashi Bran quickly get to work, breaking down organic waste. This process significantly reduces ammonia production, a common and harmful by-product of chicken muck, and cuts down on unpleasant smells, improving the overall air quality. Additionally, the bran’s microbial action contributes to a cleaner environment, simplifying maintenance and reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaners. 

From a practical standpoint, LIVE Bokashi Bran is incredibly easy to use and store, remaining effective for up to 18 months. To maintain optimal conditions in your hen house, a sprinkled layer of the bran should be added to the floor once a week. For feeding, a small amount can be mixed directly into the chickens’ regular feed, ensuring that each bird receives the microbial benefits without any additional hassle. 

By choosing Live Bokashi Bran for both your hen house management and as a feed supplement, you're investing in a product that not only enhances the health and environment of your poultry but also supports sustainable farming practices. Our farm-made, eco-friendly Bokashi Bran is perfect for poultry keepers who value natural, effective solutions and are committed to reducing their environmental impact. Upgrade your poultry care with Wiggly Wigglers' LIVE Bokashi Bran and enjoy a healthier, more productive flock and a cleaner, more sustainable environment. 

How to Use Live Bokashi Bran in Your Hen House and as a Feed Supplement 

Adding to the Hen House Floor: 

  • Prepare the Area: Clear the hen house floor of any large debris and droppings before application. 
  • Apply Bokashi Bran: Spread a thin layer of Live Bokashi Bran directly onto the floor of the hen house. Ensure an even coverage, focusing on areas that are frequently soiled. 
  • Regular Application: Repeat this process once a week to maintain effective odour control and waste decomposition. 
  • Monitor the Environment: Keep an eye on the condition of the floor. If the area becomes overly wet or dry, adjust the amount of Bokashi Bran accordingly. 

Adding to Your Hens’ Feed: 

  • Start Small: Begin by mixing a small amount of Live Bokashi Bran into the regular feed. A good starting ratio is about 2% of the total feed volume. 
  • Increase Gradually: If the hens respond well, gradually increase the amount of Bokashi Bran to up to 5% of the feed over several weeks. 
  • Consistent Mixing: Ensure that the Bokashi Bran is thoroughly mixed into the feed to provide even distribution of the micro-organisms. 
  • Observe Your Flock: Watch your hens for any changes in behaviour or health. A positive response includes more active birds and improvements in digestion and feather quality. 
  • Regular Feeding: Continue adding Bokashi Bran to the feed as part of your regular feeding routine to maintain the health benefits. 

General Tips: 

  • Storage: Keep your supply of LIVE Bokashi Bran in a cool, dry place to preserve its efficacy. Ensure the storage container is sealed properly. 
  • Hygiene: Maintain cleanliness in both feeding and bedding areas to maximize the benefits of Bokashi Bran. 
  • Adjustments: Adjust the amount of Bokashi Bran used based on the specific conditions and responses of your hen house and flock. What works best can vary depending on environmental factors and flock size. 

By following these instructions, you can really use Wiggly’s Live Bokashi Bran to improve the living conditions in your hen house and enhance the nutritional quality of your flock’s diet. This natural approach not only supports the wellbeing of your chickens but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly farming practice. 

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