The Wiggly Covid Fund

PLEASE NOTE: We are now raising money to help us plant 4000 hedge plants in 2021/22 – this is app 500 metres of extra habitat for wildlife. If you’d like to play a part (plus a spot of carbon offsetting) we’ll plant one tree for every £1 you tip. You will find this option in the Wiggly Checkout when you are placing an order. View More info on our 'Hedge' Fund Here



Here at Wigglys we are very proud to announce that we raised over £10000 between the first lockdown in April 2020 until March 2021. For every order we took over £40 we donated £1 and you our Wiggly Customers gave whatever you could in our donation pot in the Wiggly Checkout.

All the funds have gone to help Wildlife in one way or another. We’ve supported lots of Hedgehogs which is amazing and I know all the money will have been put to good use. 

Find details of all the Charities we’ve helped below :)








Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Our aim is to nurse back to health the 4800+ injured, sick or orphaned animals we admit every year.  Once fully recovered great emphasis is placed on returning them to the wild preferably back to the area from where they came from if possible.

They are going to use the funding To continue to run our hospital, giving the best care possible to our admissions with the correct food and medication.

More information here:


HART Wildlife Rescue (Hampshire Animal Rescue Team)

They rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release wildlife, in response to calls from the public, Police Forces, RSPCA, Veterinary practices and other wildlife agencies. To educate the public and raise awareness in the needs and care of British Wildlife.

With the closure of our charity shop and the lack of interaction with the public at the point of bringing in wildlife, donated income is down. With juvenile season upon us, we are in desperate need of food for youngsters in our care and for medications. 

More information here:


Wirral hedgehog hospital

They rescue, rehabilitate and release wild hedgehogs.

They are going to use the funding To purchase food and medicines for our prickly friends

More information here:



Hydestile Resident Animals

To help with The care of sick and injured wildlife

They are going to use the funding to purchase animal feed.


Help For Hogs

They rescue, rehabilitate and release hedgehogs. Also to raise awareness to the general public. Operating since 2015.

They are going to use the funding for Food, medicines and things like syringes, needles etc.

More information here:


Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support

Spiny Normans offer first aid care and rehabilitation to sick wounded, abandoned hedgehogs, Hoglets. I also educate from a busy FB Page I cover Beds and much more!

They are going to use the funding on essential medications. Antibiotics, Hartmanns, Pain relief, also investing in food for the hedgehogs. They would also like some new cages for the summer hoglets which need hand-rearing. 

More information here:


Every Feather Bird Rescue 

We rescue and rehabilitate all wild birds. Our aim is to return as many injured or orphaned wild birds to the wild. We also rehabilitate wildlife and any species is welcome.

They are going to use the funding To purchase much needed feed and medication. The baby birds they get have varied and complex diets that are expensive.  They also get a lot of cat attacks and the funding will also buy urgently needed antibiotics to treat these.

More information here:


Marias Animal Shelter

We will use the funding to help us with animal feed bills, medication and keeping everything running so we will still be here after the current crisis is over

More information here:


Ainsworth Wildlife Rescue

The aim of our non profit organisation is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned British wildlife

They are going to use the funding To buy much needed supplies for this years orphans.

More information here:


Blyth wildlife rescue

They are going to use the funding towards their minimum running costs per month. Currently, at £1500 a month minimum - all staff are volunteers there is no paid staff.

More information here:

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

They Care for young and seasonal wildlife casualties to get them healthy for release.

They are going to use the funding to provide care to over 1,500 wildlife casualties. The task of caring for baby birds and other wildlife casualties without volunteer support due to the restrictions will mean they require an increase in staffing hours and resources to manage their care.

More information here:

Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue

They Admit and treat hedgehogs that need care.

They need to be able to cover vets bills, medicines, food and the costs of running the hospital - food, supplies, electricity etc

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue

They aid with the rescue, rearing and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife.

They are going to use the funding for food and medical supplies for orphaned young birds and mammals.

More information here:

West Wales hedgehogs

They aid with Treatment and rehabilitation of hedgehogs and getting them back to the wild asap.  At all times treating all wild animals and with dignity and respect.

They are going to use the funding to continue their work by paying the vet bill for worming drugs that we use.



Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue

They are open and taking hedgehog casualties. Many rescues have closed and so they are also answering calls from a much wider area. 

The funding will go towards their vets bills. Many of the hedgehogs require treatment for injuries or medication for parasites.

Hollycroft Hedgehog Rescue

They care for hedgehogs and when fully recovered release them back into the wild.

The fund will help in purchasing both dry and wet food ready for Sept onwards . The Vets estimate it costs at least £8 per month to care for a hedgehog at the Rescue.

More information here: 


Solihogs Hedgehog Rescue

They help any sick or injured hogs that are brought in.

The fund will help with food and vet bills it is very expensive.




Peterborough Hedgehog Hotel

They rescue, rehabilitate and release european hedgehogs

They will use the funding to purchase much needed medical supplies and also some will go to the veterinary account for vet treatments and medication

More information here


Secret World Wildlife Rescue 

The grant will be used in whichever area has the greatest need, whether that is food, vet bills, or wildlife release costs

More information here: 



Nature in Mind, Framework

Nature in Mind supports people with mental health issues, and promotes well-being and recovery, through engagement with nature and heritage-related activities in Nottinghamshire and beyond.

The service supports people to overcome barriers that have a negative impact on their lives including confidence, social isolation or health problems.

If successful, we will use this funding on our working and maintaining our allotment site in St Ann's Allotments, Nottingham. The site has been neglected since we had to suspended our activities there.

More information here:



County Durham Community lunch club

They combat social isolation through the community garden and kitchen helping elderly people in fuel poverty or who are socially isolated by growing food collecting food waste and hosting weekly lunches along with social events

They are going to use the funding For a hoop house and make a worm composter to help house pigs and chickens and feed the chickens.


Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

They help sick, injured and orphaned wild hedgehogs back to full health with the aim of eventually releasing them back to the wild, or appropriate protected sites.

100% of the funding will go towards vet, medical and food bills. 

More info


Prickles in a Pickle

They are a home based hedgehog rescue that takes in injured, poorly or underweight hedgehogs for assessment and care. 

They are going to use the funding for food for the hoggies.

Hedgehog Torfaen

They rescue and rehabilitate injured hedgehogs in Monmouthshire

They are going to use the funding For Vet bills, hog food, hospital related equipment. 




Hog's Haven

They Rescue and rehabilitate wild hedgehogs in South Oxfordshire

They will put the money towards buying a 2nd Tlc 40 incubator as its desperately needed. 



Baddeley Green Hedgehog Rescue Centre

They Rescue injured/poorly/lost hedgehogs in Staffordshire

They are going to use the funding for Food, bedding, hutches, medication, heat pads, microscope slides, bowls, cleaning equipment 

More information here:



Heavenly Hedgehogs

They rescue Wild hedgehogs and rehabilitate them until strong enough to return to the wild. They hope to give as many hedgehogs and other wildlife as much chance at survival as possible picking specific areas and sites for them to rehome and grow in numbers. 

They will put it towards a respirator /incubator as they haven’t got one with Winter approaching.

More information here:


Hedgepigs and Hoglets Rescue

They rescue rehabilitate and release hedgehogs in Oxfordshire

They are going to use the funding to support them in keeping open & to be able to stock up on drugs meds and food, and not worry so much about the future.

More information here:


Uk Wild Otter Trust

They rehabilitate orphaned otter cubs and return them to the wild.

They are going to use the funding to to secure feed costs and veterinary bills. 

More information here:

Hereford City Rotary Club

 We donated £2000 to the Hereford City Rotary Club for Wildlife Projects, we did this in support of Alan Blake, who walked 15 miles to raise money for the Charity. More info here

Packwood Haugh Prep School

We Donated £200 to Packwood Haugh Prep School to help them purchase a wormery and worms.





Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Our aim is to rescue wildlife in the South East. We helped 3500 animals last year, already doubled this year so far

They are going to use the funding to help Running costs such as food and more vet equipment so they can continue to help the sick and injured wild animals that come through the door 

More information here:




Tameside's People 4 Wildlife

We Rehabilitate injured wildlife and educational services. Helping Around 10 new animals each week. 

They are still taking in new casualties but have been unable to attend fairs and stalls this year to raise funds and have had Volounteers self isolating.

Funding will be used to stock up on certain supplies to keep them operating during these tough times.

More information here:




The Hedgehog Hotel 

We rehabilitate and provide first aid rescue Hedgehogs, over winter, small hogs that wont survive and rehabilitate those with injuries.

The cost of medications has increased 3 fold since covid came and we really are struggling despite best efforts so would use some towards that. We also need to training with The Vale Wildlife for our new volunteers.

More information here:




Natures 2nd Chance Wildlife Rescue

We rescue & rehabilitate injured/orphaned wildlife until they are fit to be returned to the wild. Released animals are continually support fed. We are also looking into starting something to help stray cats due to recently taking in a badly injured cat 

Funding will be for Food and to help pay for vet treatment.

More information here:




Tag Pet Rescue

Our Goal is Sheltering & rehoming unwanted, abandoned and stray animals. Educating the general public in going beyond the basics in pet care and raising awareness as to the instinctive drives and needs of domestic pets.

Funding will be put Towards running costs - feeding those in the sanctuary at present.

More information here:




Hoofprints miniature haven

We rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and retire ponies. We also use some of the ponies for therapy work. Our ponies have worked with the elderly, children of all ages and people with disabilities. 

Funding will aid in the care and rescue of animals 

More information here:




Hope Rescue

Hope Rescue is an independent dog rescue charity based in Llanharan, South Wales. We help around 900 dogs a year, mostly strays but we also help dogs and owners in crisis or emergency situations.

Despite all of the challenges over the last year we still managed to help to rehome 589 dogs, which is remarkable with the limitations in place. The previous year we helped 900 dogs to find their forever homes. 

Our annual vets bill is usually around £100k, we also used to benefit from a subsidised neutering scheme, which has come to an end. This will add an additional £50k, so any funding will help towards our biggest outgoing, providing care for dogs.

More information here:




Angelica's Rainbow Sanctuary

Using the science behind the human-animal bond and a strong focus on welfare we create sanctuary placements for animals in need. We have helped over 40 animals so far and have over 80 volunteers on our books

The Funding will be used to pay for the animals care and welfare needs.

More information here:



BeanOlogy C.I.C

 The GreenBeans project is one of many delivered by the BeanOlogy crew. All are about mental health, connection, community, compassion and support.

The GreenBeans project is planning to create a space in Fairford Churchyard called a “Pondering Spot.” A place for people to sit, connect, reflect and recharge their batteries. 

Our intention is to plant the space with as many plants, shrubs and seeds that invite a whole wealth of wildlife. Butterflies, bees, small mammals, birds. Using colours and movement, Some bird boxes and of course the odd fairy door. To immerse the space in life.

The Funding will be used to support the project in buying shrubs and plants that are a hub for insects. Bees, butterflies and other small beasts

More information here:



Stone Lane Gardens

We Promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical environment, in particular by preserving rare and endangered species of the national collection of Birch and Alder. To advance the education of the public in conservation. Based in Devon - within the Northern edge of Dartmoor National Park

This grant will assist our work on the wildflower meadow to attract a greater diversity of species which is being developed with the guidance of Moor Meadows and Plantlife.

More information here: