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Flutter Butter 330g - Buggy

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Flutter Butter 330g - Buggy

Flutter Butter™ Buggy - With insects to ramp up protein levels even further.


Is it the nutty aroma? Or is it the down-to-earth goodness that birds sniff out? There’s something about Flutter Butter™ that’s absolutely irresistible. Birds love peanut butter. But what’s great on your toast is bad for birds – ordinary peanut butter has too much salt. Rich, nutritious Flutter Butter™ is naturally low in salt and gives birds a protein boost. Simply twist a jar into our Flutter Butter™ Feeder to provide an instant feeding point. Flutter Butter™ Buggy - With insects to ramp up protein levels even further. Ideally use the Flutter Butter feeder to dispense your butter or site the the jar securely on your bird table. To feed woodpeckers or nuthatches smear butter onto a tree trunk.

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Customer Reviews

Another brilliant bird food from Wiggly’s Review by Penny
Starlings flock to the tree when the Buggy Butter in on offer. The jar gets pecked as clean as if I’d washed it! The blue and great tits love it too, if they can get a beak in the jar. It gives them the energy to get through the cold months and the nesting season. It is popular all year round. Lovely to see the birds feed their young ones when they are old enough to fly away from the nest.
together with feeder much cheaper than coconut shells Review by Christine
as per summeary of my review l find l will save money having the flutter butter feeder tother with the flutter butter it will be cheaper, thank you.
my nstarlings can't get enough Review by Christine
l only bought this the other week and starlings who have't been in our garden for some years can't get enough.