As a company, Wiggly Wigglers have been around since 1990 and during all that time using worms to assist in composting has been a staple part of our business. Indeed, making and selling wormeries was the core of our early business. Wiggly Wigglers has developed greatly since those days, of course, but the simple magic of using such 'lowly organised creatures', as Charles Darwin described worms, to improve the composting process has never ceased to amaze.

Here is the perfect solution to composting kitchen waste... organic waste is converted into rich, dark compost, a valuable resource in itself. Worm-assisted composting is a wholly natural process and we supply only native worm species so there's no possibility of causing any environmental damage. Further, worm-assisted composting is fully self-sustaining, it reduces waste volumes by up to 80%, it neutralises odours, it tackles a wide variety of wastes, the list of benefits just keeps going on. In short, as we said in our very first Wiggly brochure all those many years ago, worm-assisted composting solves problems rather than creating them.

What is a wormery?

Worms can help speed-up composting wherever there's organic waste to be found, from taking care of a few vegetable scraps in the kitchen to digesting the fallen leaves in a mighty jungle, there's a worm that has evolved to do the work. To keep things simple however we define wormeries as self-contained systems, usually about the size of a small dustbin, that are used mainly to compost kitchen waste. The Can-O-Worms, being so small a wormery, can be put almost anywhere, most customers like to keep their's as close to the kitchen door as possible so that dropping their waste into the bin is as easy as possible. Anything that has lived and died can be composted by worms, but best results are obtained with soft organic wastes such as vegetable peelings, tea leaves, coffee grounds, stale bread, pet hairs and even vacuum cleaner dust! Due to their small size, our wormeries are not really suitable for composting large amounts of garden waste such as prunings.

As always, if you need any more information just give us a call on 01981 500391 and we'll do our best to help.

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