Composting Worms

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Composting Worms

Our composting worms are mixture of species (mainly reds and dendras) selected for their composting ability. We use a mix of reds and dendras which can deal with a variety of conditions and acidity. These worms are the world's fastest natural composters.


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Our composting worms are mixture of species (mainly reds and dendras) selected for their composting ability. Sometimes composting worms are known as tiger worms, brandlings, reds and dendras. All work really well in your wormery and we use a mix as some worms prefer slightly more acidic conditions so a mix is beneficial. Each species of worm is a surface litter worm meaning unlike the usual worms you find in your garden (lob worms - Lumbricus Terrestris) surface litter worms like reds and dendras like to work in the top few inches of the soil which is perfect in your wormery. They're found naturally in a manure heap or on the forest floor. These worms are fast breeders, they mature in a matter of weeks and can lay an egg every 10 days or so are prolific at eating, composting and breeding. Available with or without bedding.

Note that all our worms are now sold by weight. 1kg of composting worms contains approximately 1600 to 2000 worms.

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Customer Reviews

Prompt delivery Review by Alan
Prompt delivery, well packed. They're now safely ensconced in my wormery.
Marvellous little critters! Review by Anne Evans
Marvellous little critters! Keep 'em happy (which is easy!) and they'll reward you with lovely, rich crumbly compost and fabulous liquid feed. Once your wormery gets up and running it will save you loads of money on plant food and top notch compost which is particularly good for your houseplants.
The worms are brilliant Review by Marj W
The worms are brilliant. I got a can-o-worms a couple of years ago, and despite a slow start, it is just about keeping going. The big surprise though was that the 'wormies' escaped into my standard compost bin and they LOVE it there. They really tear through everything we throw at them, including shredded paper, card and all manner of peel, veg etc.
My garden looks great Review by Bev Baldwin
I was a little worried a first as the thought of so many new pets seemed daunting however last weekend I harvested my first tray of deliciously no odour wrigglers compost and had no problem rescuing the odd escapee from the mix. I have had loads of worm juice or wormilizer as I call it, no pinching my ideas! My garden looks great and having no room for a compost heap the wormery is perfect. In addition to the recycling since we bought the wormery we are only putting out one 30l bin bag a week for landfill a great achievement and a nearly redundant black wheelie bin!
I recommend it highly to everybody Review by Caroline East
My husband built my wormery, which is about 12' x 4', and about 4' high, about 9 years ago. In it I put a mix of horse manure (of which I am never short!), grass cuttings, certain household waste, fallen leaves and carefully chosen garden waste.
I bought 8 kg of worms from you, and a few items to keep them happy, and for years now I have the most wonderful compost at any time of the year. My worms have multiplied to the extent that I don't need to try and remove them from the compost, I just dig them into the garden to improve my horrible clay soil along with the compost. (My soil is now really good). I have become quite fond of them and will always rescue any that get themselves into precarious situations. I am so glad that I came across Wiggly Wigglers and decided to have the wormery, I don't know what I would do without it now. It is nice to hear of so many other people using worms to compost, I recommend it highly to everybody. Thank you, Wiggly Wigglers, and please keep up the good work.