Your Business Waste Audit

If you're interested in Bokashi Composting for your small business but you're not sure how many units you need to to work a bokashi system, then you’ll need to do a simple waste audit. Basically you'll collect your waste in your caddys, and each bokashi bin holds three caddy’s full of waste, so you'll need to decide how many caddies you need by the areas where people are producing the waste - in our case, we've got one caddy in the office and one caddy in our kitchen. People in the office have got their banana skins, their apple peels, their leftover sandwiches. They can put it in there. And in the kitchen, Tea bags, coffee grinds etc. In our case, we have are five or six people & we won't produce a caddy a week. So I know that two bokashi bins is plenty.

If you are producing more than three caddies in two weeks, then it's probably a good idea to have an extra bokashi bin. The reason being, if you fill one bin within two weeks, you'll fill the next bin within two weeks and each bin takes two weeks to work its magic.

Below we've put together a simple guide on how many bins you'll need for the amount of caddy's you're producing and how the system works with that number of bins.

Check out our video below where Heather gives you more info about a waste audit.

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