Worms for Christmas?

The PERFECT Christmas Present - A WORMERY

Most often asked questions at Wiggly Wigglers from October through to Christmas…

But what about the live worms? How do I keep the worms live until Christmas? Will the worms die if I order the kit for my partner now? Do I need to set up the kit ready for Christmas? …and so on.

Christmas is one of our best selling seasons - and a worm composter does make a perfect festive gift. After all a kit is practical and fun AND will recycle lots of leftover food from Christmas Day…

So, it probably won’t surprise you to know we have the LIVE worms dilemma covered. To be clear you can’t keep the live worms until Christmas Day (they are LIVE), and the recipient will definitely want to set up the kit themselves (for fun and understanding) so what’s the answer?

Simply order the whole kit but instead if of choosing the drop down with LIVE worms choose the drop down with a “worm voucher” instead. This means you can wrap and keep the wormery until Christmas as you have a voucher inside rather than live worms. Of course you have already paid for the complete kit and so the voucher will entitle the recipient to the worms whenever they want them. On Christmas Day they can set up the kit ready - claim the worms online to arrive straight away - and all will be hunky dory.

This way for sure No Worms will have been harmed between now and Christmas, and your loved one will not miss out on setting up their worm composting kit

Order your complete Subpod wormery here (perfect for larger households)

Order your Urbalive wormery here (perfect for small amounts of kitchen waste)

Check out the screen shots below of the drop down to show you how to pick a worm voucher instead of the live worms - meaning you can order now - wrap and keep the kit until Christmas.


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