Wiggly Deal of the Month May 2023 - Basic Wormery Consumables Pack for £20 SAVE £3.50!

(Usually £26 when bought separately)


4kg Worm Treat

4kg Anti-Acid Lime Mix

Worm Treat is a natural accelerator for any worm-assisted composting system. It is a special mixture of all the things that worms love best. Mix a handful into your composter every few weeks to give it a boost. The pellets also soak up any excess moisture in your composter and swell up in volume. Worm Treat helps keep your system in peak form!

Add a handful of our Lime Mix neutraliser to your wormery every couple of weeks to prevent acid build up. Lime Mix also helps prevent smells, flies and white worms. Because it contains grit it also aids the worm's digestion, and its drying properties make it good for wet or under-performing kits.

Use a pH meter to check the level of acidity in your wormery, good composting conditions are achieved when the contents are close to pH7.


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