Who makes your Bokashi?

Farmer Phil does!!! You dont really need the weather proof hat to get started - this is Farmer Phil on tour with a particularly potty look...(would you trust this man to make your Bokashi?)

Just in case you haven't checked out Bokashi here's a couple of amazing facts about the stuff!
Recycling with Bokashi is the opposite to composting in the sense that you "pickle" your waste. Bokashi is a Japanese word for ferment, and essentially it works rather like probiotic yogurt. Its friendly bacteria for your kitchen waste. You can add your waste as you produce it and your Bokashi Bucket can deal with all sorts of waste - from vegetable peelings to fish skins. Once the process is finished you end up with soil conditioner and a liquid feed that can be used to clean your drains.

Although Farmer Phil makes Bokashi here on the farm for sale you can actually make your own and Podchef has a great video of how to do that.

In the news this week....

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