Welcome to the celebration of National Birdfeeding Month! Inspired by this U.S. tradition, we've decided to join in the festivities by dedicating our blog this month to the well-being of our avian companions.

Here in the U.K. we may not officially mark National Birdfeeding Month, but the sentiment is just as strong. In the midst of winter, we bird lovers understand the challenges faced by their avian companions and actively contribute to their wellbeing. February, with its lingering winter chill, is an opportune time to draw attention to the importance of maintaining bird feeders.


Feeding birds in the U.K. during February is particularly crucial as native species, such as robins, tits, and finches, face the hardships of finding food in colder weather. Bird feeders stocked with seeds, mealworms, and suet provide essential nourishment, helping birds conserve energy and survive until spring brings a more abundant supply of natural food.

Get ready for a plethora of posts on our Wiggly blog, brimming with top-notch tips on caring for your feathered friends. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned bird enthusiast, we've got you covered – from beginner's guides on feeding to valuable seasonal tips ensuring your garden birds are well-fed even in the chilly weather. Stay tuned for a month filled with avian delight!

We have also put together this special Birdfood Bundle - helping keep your feathered friends fed this February.

LOVE BIRDFEEDING Bundle Saving £8+

A special bundle of our bird food favourites. Give the gift of knowing they are helping our garden birds, feeding them at the most important time of year.

This pack has everything they'll need to start feeding with our bestselling seed mix (specially formulated to appeal to many species of bird) a seed feeder, some dried mealworms for young birds and suet cakes and balls to provide them with extra fats when the weather is cold. Plus you'll save £8.40 - so it's a lovely win-win!

This pack contains-
6kg Wiggly Seed usually £10
Small One Feeder Seed usually £11
Suet Cage Cake Feeder usually £5.50
2x Suet Cakes usually £5.90
100g Dried Mealworms usually £6.50
6 Suet Balls usually £3


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