Welcome to Compost Week 2022! March 14 - March 20

Compost Week UK celebrates the benefits of composting and encourages the UK to be rotters.

Compost makes humus – nutrient rich soil and this is essential for growing. I suspect you have already thought about the benefit of growing plants…  After all they are vital for life and our long-term survival.

We rely on them for food, water, medicine, the air we breathe, habitat, our climate and more. Once you start thinking about the importance of them you start to realise the amazing opportunity we have in our own homes and gardens. It’s all very well the corporates thinking of their carbon footprint but imagine the difference we can all make by increasing the amount of plants we grow – and then think of the potential difference if we can close the loop to recycle our own home produced waste, recycle it into compost to grow our own plants to feed us whether as calories or food for the soul.

Making our own compost is simple, it introduces valuable organisms to the soil, and adds nutrients and at the same time it reduces the problem of transporting waste and the issues of methane and more that organic waste causes in conventional landfill. Just before you think well our waste gets collected from the council and goes to a commercial composting facility I will leave you to make up your own mind as to which is best… Transporting organic waste from the house to the site – sifting out the contaminants (often there is as much as 15% plastic in the organic waste collection) then composting it with mechanical means (energy, pollution and so on) and then bagging it to sell back… or popping it into your Bokashi Kit or Worm composter to put straight onto your garden to grow your own crops…

PS Don’t get me started on Waste Disposal Units… Then we have processing, pollution, and rivers to think about…Its time to Take CARE of your OWN Waste.

Start Composting this week to make a real difference – AND for the first time ever you can collect our new Wiggly Green Points and benefit from saving as you order.

Thanks for reading & Happy Composting
Heather and Team Wiggly


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