We Love Composting!

Composting is a great activity for parents, teens, children, pet owners, organic enthusiasts, gardeners, farmers, landscapers, home builders, and others with green thumbs. It's great for the planet! So what exactly happens when we compost? We turn our waste into rich, dark brown mulch for gardens and landscapes. When you compost, you create natural fertiliser for your plants; you help remove harmful pollutants from the environment; you save energy; you improve air quality; you reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and you encourage healthy ecosystems to flourish.

To get started composting, first figure out what kind of materials you'll be composting, then determine where your compost will end up being used. For example, most garden compost bins are located in areas where grass clippings and leaves are gathered, while commercial compost facilities typically use large equipment to mix materials together properly before adding to the pile. Do your research to discover which type of compost bin works best for you and your garden. 

It just so happens that you've come to the best place to get started with Composting! https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/ is jam packed full of tips, tricks and products to help you begin your composting journey!

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