Top 10 Tips for Feeding your Birds in the Winter

    1. Put out large Feeders: Also consider using multiple feeders in different areas of your garden. 
    2. Provide nutritious seeds and feeds: For most birds theses often include seed mixes of: black oil sunflower seed, peanuts and niger seed. We recommend Wiggly Seed, Wiggly Seed Extra and Farmer Phil's British Mix.
    3. Offer fatty food: Birds need to burn more calories in the winter just to stay warm. Suet is a perfect hi-energy and fatty food! Flutter Butter is also popular with our flying friends or you could consider Suet pellets and Fat Balls.
    4. Keep your feeders full: It's important that Birds have everything they need to help them stock up on calories for those long, cold winter nights.
    5. Keep feeding through the winter: Birds grow very accustomed to your supply of food, especially in severe weather when the treats you offer may mean their very survival. If you are planning on leaving home for an extended period, have a neighbour or friend keep your feeders packed!
    6. Remember water: Birds can become dehydrated in winter even if surrounded by ice and snow. Put out a pan of water near the feeder on warmer days so they can have a drink.
    7. Clear the snow: Ground-feeding birds like sparrows wont be able to gobble up the seed that falls from a feeder if there is heavy snow underneath - clear it out regularly or invest in a ground feeder with a cover.
    8. Hang feeders away from cats: Place the feeders a few metres from shrubs, giving the birds some time to react to a feline ambush.
    9. Clean those feeders: Because natural food sources are hard to come by in the winter, more birds may be attracted to your feeders and those feeders will need to be cleaned with some hot water and dried regularly.
    10. Save some money and stock up: It is best to stock up on birdseed in the autumn - before it's too late! Stored properly, (in cool dry places) seed can easily last for months, particularly seed mixes and sunflower seeds.

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