Turning Organic Waste into Green Business Sense: The Magic of Bokashi

  1. Reduce landfill: Bokashi diverts organic waste from landfill, reducing your environmental impact.
  2. Versatile and convenient: Bokashi is suitable for small spaces and can be easily integrated into daily business life.
  3. Efficient composting: Bokashi quickly breaks down organic waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser to improve plant growth and more.
  4. Odour control: Bokashi’s anaerobic process prevents foul odours during composting.
  5. No Green Wash, Bokashi is a realworld solution… Good for the soil and Great for the soul…
In today’s eco-conscious world, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are realising the importance of sustainable practices. One area that often gets overlooked is managing kitchen waste within the company – whether it’s teabags and coffee grounds or leftovers and fruit. It’s time to acknowledge why dealing with organic waste is essential and discover the benefits of Bokashi composting as a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be implemented indoors or outdoors with minimal fuss.

The Magic of Bokashi
Bokashi composting is a remarkable process that transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Unlike traditional composting methods, Bokashi can break down a wide range of organic materials, including cooked food, meat, and dairy products, without generating unpleasant smells. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses seeking effective organic waste management.

Modular System
The size of your business and the amount of waste produced will determine how many kits you will need, but the good news is that the Bokashi system is modular. The best way to start is with one kit of two buckets and Bokashi bran (along with instructions). As one bucket fills up, the other can ferment, ensuring a continuous composting cycle. Fermentation typically takes around two weeks, resulting in a nutrient-rich fertiliser packed with beneficial micro-organisms. If two buckets are not enough to handle your waste, simply add more kits to the system. It’s easy and flexible. Placing caddies where waste is produced, such as one in the office and one in the kitchen, makes the process even easier. This allows you to conveniently collect teabags, coffee grounds, and food waste ready to put into your Bokashi kit.
Creative Uses for the end product
The compost produced through Bokashi fermentation serves as a fantastic soil conditioner, enriching your gardens or green spaces. It can be conveniently used on-site, enhancing the beauty and fertility of your outdoor areas. Additionally, the lightweight bins allow for easy transportation, enabling employees to take home the compost for their own gardening projects.
Moreover, the liquid by-product known as Bokashi Tea acts as an excellent plant feed. It supplies essential nutrients to houseplants, promoting healthy growth and vibrant foliage. The Bokashi tea can also serve as an eco-friendly drain cleaner, keeping your pipes clean and free-flowing! We all know how important that is!
Environmental and Business Benefits
Implementing a Bokashi system for kitchen waste management offers numerous benefits for your business. By diverting organic waste from landfill, you actively reduce your carbon footprint, contribute to greenhouse gas reduction, and conserve valuable landfill space. This tangible environmental impact showcases your commitment to sustainability. This is not greenwashing – this is a real-world solution.

Engaging in Bokashi composting educates your team about waste reduction and environmental stewardship. It fosters a sense of responsibility and empowers employees to make a positive difference. This initiative also enhances your corporate social responsibility profile and strengthens employee engagement.
Wiggly Support
Embarking on the journey of kitchen waste management and Bokashi composting is made even easier with the support of Wiggly Wigglers. With our extensive experience and thousands of Bokashi kits sold to homeowners throughout the UK, we can now provide expert guidance for businesses across the country. We will help ensure that you implement an effective and successful waste management solution. Whether you are a self-employed homeworker or have a company with thirty employees, it’s time to turn organic waste into green business sense.

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